Thursday, December 2, 2010

Whew! I survived NaNoWr and no one died!

Wow I cannot believe that I was able to actually do it. So I managed to throw-up 50,000 words in 30 days (well 29 days) and became a WINNER! YAY!!!

I can honestly say it was not my best work but I am still proud of the accomplishment. I will say the hardest part of the challenge was not being able to edit. Although having a family that says they are supporting you and actually supporting you... well.... that's something completely different. When my husband said I was getting crabby about this contest I asked him - YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! Then proceeded to make him understand. So he went out on Saturday and spent it with some friends. which gave me a whole day - at least 8 hours worth to do nothing but write - okay that's not true because I still had Mommy duties, but that's just normal. Duh.

So my family did come through at the end, and I was able to achieve my bragging rights. I am glad it is over. But I am WAY inspired, which makes me all giddy. I can't wait to get back to my second book and make it a masterpiece. :)

ta-tah for now!

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  1. You know, getting the family-buy-in is one of the hugerist biggest things about what you did this November. You got your wordcount in, CONGRATULATIONS on that, but you also established with your husband (if you had not already) that you are serious about writing, and that you need his support.

    Authors usually thank two people when they publish a book: Their editor, and their spouse. Those are the two most important people in your journey.

    - Eric