Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bored bored bored!

I am trying to chill with my second book.... testing the waters with a new line of thought. Step back from the second book before doing anything drastic - like "REWRITE" and just take a deep breath.

Issue is - my brain can't handle it.

I need to write, or something. So... I am working on a different story - this is just GREAT (in a bad way). I don't want to work on a different story I need to regroup and plan a little better for book two. I was lucky - real lucky - at how the first book went. (minus the copy-editor that would have caught my sentence structure and word issues... ugh!)

Speaking of that I spoke with a gentleman the other day - fascinating man. Truly a wealth of knowledge. He knew books - lots of them - and he was given a copy of my book prior to it going to the publisher, because I wanted his feed back - problem was we couldn't get together to review what he found until after I had already approved the book for print. I just thought it would be another person that fell through that I was hoping to help. Well he had GREAT ideas, and he also made me realize that I could approach my second book with a little more 'overview' by creating a historical graph and a growth chart. I always jotted things down, lots of notes scattered about - duh put them in one accessible place dummy!

He made me think about things I REALLY had not thought about. I knew I wanted this, this, and this to happen, but did I want that in chapter eight or 20? So it wasn't writers block that was giving me a cause to pause it was the anxiety of wanting everything in this book. I already see this will be more than just one book - yay... I think.

*RESTART BRAIN in 3....2.....1..... YIKES!*

So, I am cold turkey - gone almost a whole day - and now I CANNOT sleep, perhaps it is my hot tea.... who knew! It is supposed to be relaxing -- oh maybe that is because it is not chamomile tea and Earl Gray.... oops! (Tomorrow's Grocery list - Decaf Earl Gray - CHECK!)

I think I might dabble in a new story type - perhaps it will be a novelette when I am finished? Some of my favorite authors have an awesome realm of imagination - I could switch it up a bit.

Jim Butcher - you are my Novelist Hero!

BACK TO WRITING - whew glad that brain restart happened I was getting nervous.

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