Thursday, September 30, 2010

Short Story

I wrote a short story for a forum contest, no prizes, just submitting for review by peers, and voting. The rules - limit 1000 words.... do you know how HARD that was! Voting is still going on until Sunday - so I guess I will see how I do. But so far I don't have that many votes, but that's okay because it is the first time I ever did anything like that either.

Downside - now I have another piece that I want to add to it. I think another Novel has been concieved, it will have to be a different series cause it just won't fit with The Legacy Saga, but now I need to start working on learning some sailor metaphors, and more about life at sea. I could flounder around and build the story, but I think it is better if I have details.... FLOUNDER - geeze did I just write that. Yup guess I did.  So I might take a break from book two in the Legcay series and jot this new book in the making down.... I better - I don't need to forget. haha!

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