Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fascinating people

Although I am new at the blogging and social networking gig. I am amazed and astounded to find so many people that are genuine! Seriously though I do have to approach things with caution, but it has been SO much FUN!

Not something one could find ten years ago. I remember the first online chatting - AOL (Oh yeah baby!) I was totally there. It became kind of an obsession. Now I am obsessed with reaching out to more people and getting to know them a little better.

I approach things as honestly as I can, but have to take people for their "face" value. It is amazing though electronically how one can just open up. Fear, anxieties and hope all out there in the open. It is scary business being open because it can also bring issues.

Being public and networking on my own is not "safe" by any means. It really is outside my comfort zone. I do tend to come off as naive. Perhaps it is because I approach things with a light heart, and laughter, even if I am quaking and shaking on the inside. I try to suppress those feelings best I can. Not that it works, but I try.

Just doing my videos was tough because I didn't like the lighting or how I sounded or was I distracted or my eyes did they move too much. I know silly things to worry about but things that I thought.

I would love to take photographs of myself all dressed up and "medieval" just cause that's what I like, and would have so much fun with it. My daughter would love it too - of course when she grows up she is going to be a rock star, scientist, horse trainer. Awesome huh? And I just wanted to grow up being a teacher - instead I am an accountant that writes for a hobby. :)

I like to make people laugh, but I also want to be taken seriously.

So blog blog blog.... :)
Have a wonderful day!


  1. I still miss usenet deeply. That was my home for ever and ever ago, before the trolls and spammers took over.

    Total anonymity.

    Flaming trolls was my specialty. I ate roasted troll for breakfast lunch and dinner and midnight snacks and what was left over I fed to the dogs.

    Ah, the fight-days of usenet... Plus we were all so anonymous.

    Anyway. I got a little carried away with posting on your blog. Your posts are short and easy to read and I haven't read most of them yet!

    - Eric

  2. Eric, I appreciate your replies. I am not too sure what to say in them, so I just throw my thoughts out there. I feel like I have the same theme though...There is SO MUCH to learn, and so much to do, and trying not to let it overwhelm me. :)