Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fascinating Fantasy

It is truly amazing to look at all the outlets and find people that are really and truly interested in reading fiction and fantasy. I am also amazed at the scope of brilliance behind creating such fabulous work. It is a little intimidating being such a green writer. I have always preferred to write, and was thankful for two years of homeschool to concentrate on that passion. There are more ways now than ever to publish, but is the market there for my fiction.
Self doubt, and insecurity is not an option. This is a ruthless field and I might just be too nice. I love a good story - but don't want to read anything while I am writing.
Several Indie writers caught my eye on the Amazon forum, but I want to write. My brain is throbbing with all the visions I want to put into words, but the only time I get is when the child sleeps, and the husband plays.
I don't sleep much any more too much to write and not enough time in the day to do it, and then can't neglect the family on the weekends. So after 8pm cts that is my creative time - although it seems like my chapters end with my characters going to sleep. Hmmm guess I better make sure I am not sleepy.

Well - off to watch the princess dance. She has my iPod and won't leave.... next I will need to prepare her snack, I refuse to peal grapes though.


  1. My cousin the poet wrote to me this, about self-doubt:

    There is only one true form of defeat: Self-Defeat

    There is only one true form of destruction: Self-Destruction, which is accumulated Self-Defeat

    Remember that. Be confident.

    - Eric

  2. PS, what the heck is an "Indie" writer? I keep seeing that. Independent?

    - Eric

  3. Yes, Indie is independent.
    I like what your cousin wrote - very wise words.