Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ahhhh....DEEP breath!

I get sometime at lunch to blog, but it is never long enough. I get too wordy sometimes, so it might be good that I don't get too much time.

I am home and listening to my princess's cartoons, and knowing that I won't get anything done until she is in bed. So while I was distracted, for the moment, I thought I would write something. Unfortunately there is nothing profound or inspiring that comes to mind.

I am listening to the sounds all around me, and wondering how this melody of chaos translates into the balance of Life. I want to have quiet, and shut out the world, but I cannot be an island to myself (not an original idea) but I am sure everyone has felt like that from time to time.

10 mins of quiet time is "regroup" time. It's not enough for me to regroup. I reread what I wrote, and that can take a while, and then I am ready to write - unfortunately that's about the time that I need to put on the "super powers" of wife or mother.

Right now... I need to go kill a nasty bug for my husband -- ha-ha... nah the princess squeals.... off I go.


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