Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday - Yay!

Well back to the work week and I have found my rhythm - well for a moment at least. I think I am about to chop again at my manuscript slicing away a nice chunk of 100 pages or so - no fears - i save all those cut aways. I think I probably have another disjointed novel just from all the outtakes.
Oh well - back to writing....


  1. I must have a million pages of out-takes.

    Not really, but a lot. I save it all! Sometimes it goes back in.

    In fact, the stuff I cut two weeks ago is looking pretty good, now, after letting it sit a bit.

    Funny how that happens, eh.

    - Eric

  2. Hi Eric! I am enjoying your posts because I keep nodding...OH how true!

    Now I used try to work around what I already had - and it would frustrate me and the whole piece would get put on the back burner.